Excel Templates

Excel templates are pre-set configurations that help you in designing beautiful spreadsheets.

Instead of having to make a template whenever starting a new workbook, Excel offers a wide variety of pre-built templates which you can use.

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Printing in Excel

In this lesson I will show you how to print an Excel worksheet and edit all kinds of print settings to meet your Excel printing needs.

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Find & Select

Excel Find and Select is a feature that enables you to quickly find specific text, and to replace it with other text. This is useful when you’re checking a large spreadsheets or when you need to change certain text repeatedly.

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Formulas and Functions

If there is one tutorial you must read when learning about Excel, I’d probably say it’s this one about Excel formulas and functions. This topic will introduce you to the most powerful feature Excel has – I promise you, after reading this, your world will never be the same again. … continue reading »

Format Cells

Excel formatting is changing the way a cell or it’s contents look. There are two ways you can format cells in Excel: you can format the content type of the cell or format the visual look of the cell. … continue reading »

Rows and Columns

A worksheet in Excel is basically a grid and each cell has it’s own coordinates. Every cell in Excel is named by it’s row number and column letter, for example the first cell in top-left of a sheet is called A1, the one to the right of that is B1 and below it is A2.

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Cells and Ranges

Cells are the basic building blocks of your Excel work – everything you do in Excel you do in your cells.

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Excel Worksheet

An Excel worksheet is the sheet with cells on which you make all your work. Using different worksheets you can easily separate different types of analyses in different places so you can easily keep oversight of what you’re doing.

In this tutorial I’ll teach you all there is to know about Excel worksheets using lots of images to make things clear. I also made a video tutorial walking you through all the options.

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Workbook in Excel

When people say Excel workbook they basically just mean to say Excel file. When you open Excel, automatically it will open up an empty workbook for you. A workbook consists of multiple worksheets that can be accessed at the bottom part of your screen. … continue reading »