Number of weekdays between two dates in Excel and Google Spreadsheets

Normally just getting the amount of days between to dates in Excel isn’t enough. At times, you need to get the number of weekdays specifically. For this, there’s a very useful function in both Excel and Google Spreadsheets: =NETWORKDAYS().

Days between two dates

Say you have two dates, cell A1 = 2014/01/14 and cell A2 = 2014/01/30. When you just want the days between two dates, you can easily subtract the earlier day from the later day to get the number of days in between with A2-A1 = 16.

Weekdays between two dates

To get the difference in weekdays only, just use =NETWORKDAYS(A1, A2) = 13. Make sure to put the start date as the first argument, and the end date as the second argument.


In general, you can use it like:

=NETWORKDAYS(start_date, end_date)

It’s as easy as that! Let me know in the comments when you have any questions – I’d love to help out!

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