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Transcript of the video

Today I’m going to explain what an Excel Workbook is. An Excel Workbook is basically just another name for Excel file. When you open up Excel, this is your Workbook. Let’s say you’ve done some work and now you want to save your Workbook, you go here and you press this little icon. It brings you to this screen where you can save it under a name you want to save it. As you can see, there are two options here. You can save your Workbook on your One Drive or you can save it on your computer. If you save it on your One Drive you’ll be able to access this easily through your Microsoft account. If you save it on your computer you can only reach it if you’re on your own computer.

For now let’s save it on our computer. Here you see some recent folders you’ve used but I want to use another folder. I’m going to save this as Lesson 1. There you go, the file is saved. Let’s say now you want to save it under a different name, you’ve made some changes and you want to make another copy. Then you go to File, Save As and, again, you can save it under a different name if you want to. For now let’s save it under our One Drive account. Let’s call this Lesson 1 Version 2. We saved it and right now it’s uploading to our One Drive.

Now let’s say you want to open another file you already made, the way to do that is go to File, press Open. Here, again, you can choose where you want to look for your file. Here it shows the recent files you’ve made. This is the files that are in your One Drive account and these are the files on your computer. Let’s say I want to open a file on my One Drive, I click Browse and I can see what files I have. Now I open this file.

A very cool new feature in Excel 2013 is the ability to share files with other people. To share a file, go to File and press Share. Here now you see different options popping up for sharing a file. You can invite people. You can get a sharing link to send to other people. You can post your file to social networks or you can email your file to someone.

The first option allows you to put an email address here and put permissions for that person here. You can either make them able to edit the file or only to view the file. Just press Share here and the other person will be able to edit your file. Another way is to get a sharing link. If you don’t know exactly who you’re going to send it to, you can create a link here to view the document, for example. Now, you can use this link on social media or send it out via email, whatever you want. Everybody that has this link can view your document online if they want to.

The third way to share is to post your document to different social networks. I already set up my version of Excel with my Twitter account. If you haven’t yet, you can add it here. There will be a link saying “Add Social Networks”. I add a Twitter and to share it on Twitter I set the permissions, I write the content of the tweet and then I can press Post.

The fourth way to share your file is via email. Here you’ll send it to someone and the file will be attached to it. This way everybody has their own version of the file and nobody can work together. If you email a link, however, people can work together in the latest version of the file. If you want to make sure the layout is as you want it to be, you can send your file as a PDF or an XPS file so that the layout doesn’t change depending on the devices the people that receive it read it on.

Lastly, you can also send it as an Internet fax. For that you need to set up your fax service provider first. That’s it for today’s lesson about Excel Workbooks. If you want to read more about this, go to the link below in the description. I wrote a blogpost about this as well going into a bit more detail. If you liked this lesson, definitely subscribe to our channel and you’ll be updated when we upload new videos.

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